Bermuda Triangle

They board the plane with
Armfuls of my love
Packed into their suitcases
With each passing mile flown away
The center of my world unspirals
As the plane stretches the tether
Connecting my life and theirs
The puzzle pieces of my home
Spread out across the county
Forming a Bermuda Triangle of
Potential experiences and memories
That vanish from co-existence


Time Frame 

How can a time frame
Shared with one person
Be reduced to a cliché?
“Some people come into our lives”….
Because I am not the same
But life has returned
To the way it was before you
And I have recoiled
Back to my old self
But the fire you put in me
Remains as a residual spark
Unsure whether to fade out
Or ignite back to life

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.”
-Flavia Weedn

© 2018 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Fire Pit 08/23/13
Photo Credit: Sarah Ritter

Grass Revised

The grass is always greener
On the other side
So, I hop the fence to explore
Enjoy the view on this new side

But as I start to settle
Disappointments begin to appear
I question again, what I want
I wonder “what am I doing here?”

Two paths, two choices
Can my heart decide where I belong?
More than one heart I can follow
Can I enjoy the side I choose to stay on?

© 2018 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

Revision of Grass Published on WordPress 3/1/18

Missing You Revised

Right now, we’re so many miles apart
While I’m lying by myself in the dark
Though your messages are received
I still don’t feel relieved
I’m waiting for you to come home
So that I’ll no longer feel alone
Wish you would hurry up and drive back to me
Wrap your loving arms around my body
But for now, it’s going to be a very long night
Despite my nostalgia, I know everything will be alright
Because I’m filled to contentment with the love you fill me with
There’s a quiet longing that occupies my heart where you now live
Though missing you brings me such sweet sorrow
I await in anticipation of the day I’ll see you, tomorrow

© 2018 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

Revision of Missing You Published on WordPress 2/23/18

Times Like This Too

I always knew
There would be times like this
Bicker all night long
Go to bed without a kiss

When I wake up in the morning
You are already gone
But I knew there would be times like this
All along

I always knew too
There would be times like this
Work hard all day long
Come home to a welcoming kiss

When I go to bed at night
I sleep in your arms where I belong
But I knew there would be times like this
All along

© 2018 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved

Revision of Times Like This Published on WordPress 2/18/18

War Prisoner

Choking on the clouds of hostility
Contaminating my breathing air
Always the losing contestant
In the game of truth or dare

Tiptoeing past verbal landmines
That exploded throughout the night
Broken down to a worn-out soldier
Losing the battle in an endless fight

Spent each day helplessly waiting for
The endless tension to cease
With a crushed spirit, I offered
Rejected treaties of peace

Locked up like a war prisoner
My wrists bound in metal handcuffs
But I finally broke the chain
Proclaimed I’d had enough

I tossed my hands up in the air
Declared my fight was over
Frantically waved my white flag
Plead my final surrender

Accepting I had endured more than
My repressed heart was willing to take
I had finally gained the courage to
Follow through on my prison break

© 2018 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

Revision of Prison Break Published on WordPress 3/19/18

Path of My Heart

So worried about tomorrow
Yet I haven’t even gotten through today
Maybe I’d know which way to go
If someone showed me the way

Looking for answers to questions
That have been dancing in my mind
Maybe if I wasn’t looking so hard
The solutions would be obvious to find

Trying to follow my heart
But instead, logic warns me not to
Navigating the unmarked path
Unsure where my next step leads to

Working hard towards the future
While trying not to compromise the present
Struggling to get it all done in time
Without building a deep resentment

I tear my life as I know it, apart
Searching for a deeper meaning
Only to end up back at the start
Feeling foolish for all my dreaming

So, I won’t worry about tomorrow
Till I’ve gotten through today
I’ll trust my heart knows the path to take
And I’ll be on my way

© 2018 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Tyler Mill, Wallingford, CT 05/17/17
Photo Credit: Sarah Ritter

Revised compilation of Tomorrow Published on WordPress 3/2/18 and Isolated Published on WordPress 3/3/18