Your Love

Your words
So sweet
I can taste them
As you speak
Your gaze
So gentle with grace
Yet it’s grip
Locks me in my place
Your love
So deep
A lullaby
Rocking me to sleep

Your warmth
Fills my soul
Completes me
So I am whole
Your love
Elevates me with the high I feel
Yet grounds me
With a bond that’s real

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

A Place in the Sky

There’s a place in the sky
Where two souls greet
Where thoughts are exchanged
Even when neither speaks

Gravitation like a sailor
Returned home from sea
An inner compass
Winding through the trees

A beacon of light
Illuminating the dark skies
A north star of the heart
That intuitively guides

There’s a place in the sky
Where love is not defined
By the boundaries of nature
Or the passing of time

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

I Hope You

I hope you
Find a penny at the bottom of the water fountain
See the ray of light through the clouds and rain
Hear the cheerful note during a song of despair
Laugh at the world when it’s too much to bear

I hope you
Open the blinds when the light in the room dims
Get up and go when you are tired of thinking
Knock down the walls, when it feels like they’re closing in
Go look for the answers when they don’t sink in

I hope you
Find a four-leaf clover when you plant a field of clovers
Tell yourself when the going it’s tough “it’s not over”
Keep walking even when the road becomes a hill
Approach every challenge you encounter with strong will

I hope you
Find inspiration when you need to be motivated
Overcome defeat when you feel frustrated
Know no matter what life gives you, you are never alone
Reach out for help when you can’t do it on your own

Four Leaf Clover

Pressed Four-Leaf Clover by Jennifer Shields: Summer 2014
Photo Credit: Sarah Ritter 3/19/17

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.


Foolish Persistence

Been hanging on by a noose
Using a monster for a muse
Walking on ice so I don’t slip
Rubbing oil on my hands for a tighter grip

Doctor says “if it hurts, don’t do it,” but I do
Horror movies scare me, but they’re the ones I view
“Hot, don’t touch!” but I have to check
“Keep out! Don’t enter!” but I walk into the wreck

Don’t trust anyone, yet I tell my secrets to strangers
Looking for safety in the midst of danger
Searching for a glimpse of good in a body of evil
Drawing strength from anyone who makes me feel feeble

Looking for closure, even though the doors are already closed
Paddling to shore, yet the current flows against what I’ve rowed
Keeping my balance, but I have already fallen
Driving forward, even though I keep stalling

Believing it’s worth holding on to something that’s not
Hoping I’d make it if I had one more shot
Making the most of the hand I’ve been dealt
Wishing he’d feel the same if he knew how I felt

Asking for the answer of an answered question
Bending the rules, but want one more exception
Treasuring the feelings that have been buried so long
Preparing to say goodbye to someone who’s already gone

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

The Heart Has Won

After all these years at war, the weapons have been dropped
The battle is done
Standing with pride in a newly built city
I am sure finally, the heart has won

The dust has settled, sunlight shines through
I bury the ashes deep
The lessons I’ve learned from these battle wounds
Are the only memories I’ll keep

The skies are blue, the storm clouds gone
The green grass I’ve dreamt of now germinating under my feet
Hope fills the air, a new relationship flourishes
As love buds from a kiss so sweet


Drifting Clouds Newington, CT 3/15/17
Photo Credit: Sarah Ritter

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.