The Way

It’s not the way you make me feel
That makes me feel alive
It’s not the way you give me strength
That makes me feel I’ll survive
But maybe it’s the way I want you
Even if you never feel the way that I do

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.


My Protector

My protector, my guard
My sanity, my security
How would I survive
If you didn’t look out for my safety?
You’re the reason for my
Smiles and endless laughter
You keep me longing to see you
Even after
Our conversations amuse me
And your stories fulfill me
Seeing you smile
Cures me gently
I could sit with you all day
If you were to let me
I’ll ask questions about anything that excites you
Shamelessly use any excuses there may be
For some reason
We converse on the same wavelength
Our talks and your protection
Give me strength
After a whole day of conversation, Laughter and fun
I need to talk to or see no one else
With the fall of the sun
It’s all of out of my system
And I’m tired at the end of the day
Other than my stories for you
There’s nothing left to say
But I’ll wait for the tomorrow
When I can see you again
Because I know as soon as I see you
All my joy will once again begin

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

Raindrops in the Campground

Raindrops In the Campground

With the blink of an eye
The weather transformed from
A 90 degree sunny, bright day
To a 40 degree cloudy, dark night
The clouds dumped
r      d

a     r

i     o

n    p


Which r i c o c h e t e d off the tarp
The way marbles
b  u  c
o  n  e
On a hard cement floor
Our voices were drowned out
By the monotonous drum rrrroooollll of rain
Like cann●nballs
Dropped on a murky lake
Raindrops pounded the swampy ground
We dug canals around the screen house
With sand shovels to redirect the water
Quickly, a turbulent river and tributaries formed
Diverting the collected water
We built fortitude of towels
To block out the cold air
We huddled around
The lantern that August night
As though it was a warm fire
On a cold winter night
For hours, we played cards
By the glow of the lantern
Comforted by the familiar stories we told
While we ignored the cold and rain

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Camping Screen House, Maine
Photo Credit: Dede Ritter, 1994




Hidden in between those two letters

Is a monologue 

Of everything I want to say 

An invitation 

To a deep conversation

The containment of 

A volcanic eruption of thoughts

A fortress 

Confining the words 

From spilling out

As I anxiously await 

A response from you 

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Text Message 

Photo Credit: Sarah Ritter 7/15/17

My Inspiration 

During a childhood

When everyone was telling me

What I couldn’t do

She showed me

All that I could

And who I could become

© 2017 Sarah Ritter. All Rights Reserved.

In memory of Leslie Coursey, my second-grade teacher. (1948-2012)

Photo: Cropped Class Portrait: 1989
Photo Credit: Sarah Ritter 7/2/17

Photo: First Poetry Journal
Photo Credit: Sarah Ritter 7/2/17